Our process

CRA’s way of doing business comes from more than 20 years as leaders in the insurance industry. Our process starts with listening, so we always take your individual needs into account. But you also benefit from tried and true systems, backed by ISO certification.

1Beginning our relationship

We listen to you, find out what’s brought you to CRA, and talk about what we can do to help.

2Collecting information

We build a profile based on your family and financial circumstances, and what you want for the future.

3The Statement of Advice

We prepare a formal document analysing your needs and giving our recommendations.

4Presenting our recommendations

We sit down with you and explain the Statement of Advice. After that, some clients then make a decision straight away; others need time to consider variations to the levels of cover recommended.

5Help with applications

We help you complete applications for any new insurance policies. We offer this help in person, by phone or email, whichever suits you.

6Getting your policies completed

Once the applications are done, it can take a few weeks for your new policies to come into effect. We follow up and keep you informed throughout the process.

7Regular reviews

We do an annual review to make sure your insurances remain relevant to your circumstances. And because important life events can mean your insurance needs change, you can request a review at any time.

Get started

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