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Tailored cover pays off: Angus’s story

Angus, an anaesthetist living in regional NSW, came to CRA in 2008 for a review of his personal insurance cover.

Taking Angus’s full financial circumstances into account, we realised that he needed a substantial level of cover to maintain his lifestyle if something unexpected occurred. For example, if Angus had a serious illness or injury, he would be left with over $1 million in property loans to service, and his wife, herself a successful doctor, might need to take time off work to care for him.

The unexpected happens

In 2011, aged 50, Angus was diagnosed with an aortic aneurism, requiring corrective surgery. Angus and his wife moved to Melbourne for several months during his surgery and rehabilitation.

Fortunately, Angus had the insurance cover he needed. CRA helped him through the entire claims process. In the end, his trauma policy paid out a lump sum of $1.74 million dollars. He also received nearly $100,000 in income protection payments during the time he was unable to work. His insurance cover even provided professional occupational counselling to help Angus gradually return to work.

Life changes for the better

Thankfully, Angus has now fully recovered. The insurance payments he received didn’t just help with his recovery; they helped him change his life for the better.

Having paid off all his property debt, Angus has reduced his previous long working hours to a comfortable 4 day week. His wife has reduced her working hours too. Together, they can now spend more time with their children in Melbourne, and more time at their holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula. And it’s all because, with CRA’s help, they had insurance cover tailored to their needs.